Maximizing Reward: Stock Market Refer and Earn Programme to Know

Want to explore a lucrative avenue for generating passive income? Then, the answer is m.Stock’s Refer and Earn programme. This initiative enables individuals to promote the benefits of online stock trading and provides substantial rewards. 

Delve into the details of this unique opportunity as we guide you through the mechanics and highlight the numerous advantages of participating in m.Stock’s refer and earn program.

What is Refer and Earn Programme and How Does it Work?

Participating in m.Stock’s Refer & Earn program is straightforward. The referrer can share the referral link or input their friend’s information in the ‘Refer & Earn’ section on the m.Stock web/trading app.

After that, the referee will utilize the provided referral link to initiate the opening of a ₹999 Zero Brokerage account. Upon the successful opening of the account by the referee, a referral reward of ₹555 will promptly be added to the referrer’s account within a 24-hour timeframe.

Let’s understand this with an example-

Mr. Shah’s friend Mr. Singh is looking to start investing. For that, he is looking for a free trading app. Mr. Shah recommends m.Stock to him.

Mr. Shah opens his m.Stock app and shares the referral link with his friend. After that, Mr. Singh commences the opening of a ₹999 Zero Brokerage account. Once Mr. Singh’s account is opened successfully, a referral reward of ₹555 gets added to Mr. Shah’s account. Similarly, Mr. Shah can get this referral reward every time his referee opens a m.Stock account.

What are the Advantages for the Referrer?

  • Receive Rs. 555 for every individual you refer who opens a ₹999 Zero Brokerage account.
  • Earn Rs. 555 for one referral, ₹2,770 for five referrals, and ₹5,550 for ten referrals.
  • With this program, you can refer and earn money as many times a referee opens an account. There is no cap on the number of referral rewards, allowing for limitless earnings through unlimited referrals.
  • Experience prompt processing of referral payouts, completed within a 24-hour timeframe. 

What are the Advantages for the Referee?

  • Get the advantage of zero brokerage for a lifetime across a spectrum of products such as intraday, delivery, futures and options, currency trading, and the margin trading facility (eMargin).
  • Gain entry to margin trading features with competitive interest rates, commencing from 6.99%.
  • Make use of sophisticated tools provided in m.Stock’s app to elevate and enrich your overall trading experience.

How Can the Referrer Claim the Referral Reward?

The referral reward is automatically deposited into the referrer’s m.Stock account. Within 24 hours of the referee completing their account opening process, the referrer receives a reward of ₹555.

Notification of the credited referral reward is sent to the referrer through both email and SMS. The credited amount can be monitored in the ‘ledger’ or “Your earnings” section on the m.Stock web/trading app. Referral rewards can be withdrawn without any limitations.

Initiate the Generation of Passive Income with m.Stock:

To sum up, the Refer and Earn initiative within the m.Stock app presents an outstanding chance to build a passive income stream, all the while advocating the benefits of stock trading. This endeavor fosters a sense of community among knowledgeable and involved investors, highlighting the advantages of maintaining a demat account for a secure, effective, and efficient financial experience.