Tips For Using MTF Calculators Effectively

MTF calculator

If you want to grow your finances on a steady basis and are looking for the best investment choices, then choose a marginal trading facility. Not only does it give you several exciting opportunities but also increase your gains. But, knowing the basics of margin trading is not sufficient. It’s important to know important strategies so that you can make good use of this technique. To know more about margin trading facilities, how to use the MTF calculator and the best tips to enhance your financial journey, keep reading this post.

What is margin trading?

Margin trading, also known as purchasing on margin is a smart way to borrow cash from your brokerage in order to purchase stocks and investments. It’s almost the same as getting a loan to invest in stocks. This might help you get more profits. But it will also mean that the bigger risk you take, the more your chances of losing something.

How To Use The Margin Trading Facility Calculator?

Enter Trade Details

Input the trade size (number of units/contracts), add the current market price of the asset and then choose the desired leverage ratio.

Calculate Initial Margin

Click the “Calculate” button to determine the required initial margin.

Assess Maintenance Margin

Check if the calculator provides an estimate for maintenance margin.

Analyze Risk and Reward

Consider potential gains and losses based on the calculated margin.

Don’t forget to stop-loss levels to manage risk effectively.

Refine Strategy

Experiment with different trade sizes and leverage ratios.

Stay Informed and Monitor

Keep a track of market conditions and price changes. Make sure to

regularly monitor open positions and be ready to adjust strategies accordingly.

Margin Trading Strategies That Work

1. Start Small

Always begin small when it comes to margin trading. Doing this will help you ease into, gain knowledge and experience, analyze the market carefully and implement right strategies without risking it too much.

2. Have An Objective

Know what your financial goals are and know what level of risk you are comfortable taking. Having a good trading strategy that goes well with the objectives. A well structured plan will keep you focused and help you avoid all kinds of impulsive decisions.

3. Conduct Research

Before executing any kind of trade, conduct research on the security or the trade you wish to. Ensure to analyze the price trends, fundamentals and other factors which can influence the performance of assets. Doing this will lead to positive results.

Pro Tip

Always focus on stop loss orders if you want to manage risks effectively. You can also go to take profits in order to ensure your profits are secured when the market is doing well.


Margin trading is definitely a smart opportunity for the investors, but it is crucial to remember the risks that it comes with. By simply following these tips shared above, you will be able to reduce the chances of losses and boost your chances of succeeding when you trade in share market. Being a beginner, make sure you understand what margin trading strategies and tips are. And always remember to be patient during this journey. Being disciplined can take you a long way.